Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

IOO231                                         Country of Origin: USA

Robust Intensity

Crush Date: November 2022



This small batch California Coratina was harvested from groves in the Capay Valley and produced by the master millers at Boundary Bend Estate. It displays juicy notes of green granny smith apple, a complex bitter center and delayed, lingering pepper. Tasters award this oil high praise for intense fruitiness. While Coratina is the dominant variety in Italy, it is exceedingly rare in California.



     *Biophenols: 443.3 ppm             FFA:  0.17   

      Oleic Acid: 74.46                        Peroxide: 5.56

      DAGs: 95.1                              *PPP: <0.7

      Squalene: 4,414.50                   A-Tocopherols: 440.5


            *As measured at the time of crush.